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Assistant Priest


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Knowledge of History

A smiling personality with strict Sanatan Dharma values, Pandit Sharma has been our new addition to our Devi Mandir resident priests. Pandit Sharma, who hails from New Delhi, India, has been a practicing Hindu clergy since childhood, during which time he lived in a devotional environment in a temple.

 A scholar of Vedic scriptures and Hindu rituals (be they marriage, funeral or 16 sanskars with other religious orientations), Pandit Lalit is fluent in Hindi and English and partially in other North Indian languages. This makes him a valuable asset to Devi Mandir with his ability to interact with various diasporas, whether be it India, West Indies or other Hindu communities from around the world.

Apart from his welcoming attitude towards all devotees, Pandit Lalit has been one of a kind. His young age defies his knowledge.

Pandit Lalit has been in Canada for more than six years and has resided in various parts of GTA, including Pickering and Cambridge/Kitchener and has returned to the Devi Mandir after five years.

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