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Our Tours to Buddhist Temples & Monasteries


Puja can be performed throughout the year for any devotee wishing to do so. If you have a Graha and are in need of spiritual Guidance, the DEVI MANDIR is more than willing to help.
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Samskaras are the Hindu rituals or rites that each individual performs during different stages of their life. The Pundits of the DEVI MANDIR are here to perform the following Samskaras:
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SPECIAL Functions

The DEVI MANDIR kirtans Mandali, is there to provide music for any of your religious functions.
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Exciting Adventures

Tours to the Hinduist Temple Complexes

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Our Tourists Say

Thanks for a wonderful tour! I have long dreamed of visiting the Hindu monasteries of India.

Emma Lee

Emma Lee

Redding, CA

It was the best tour ever! I got a lot of impressions of beautiful places and breathtaking views.

Liam Gordon

Liam Gordon

Austin, TX

It is the perfect tour! I also visited the most beautiful temples and monasteries in India.

Noah Moore

Noah Moore

Chicago, IL

Went on this tour with the whole family. Super! Everyone liked the ancient temples!

David Bowman

David Bowman

New York, NY

Sightseeing Tours of the Indian Temples

Spiritual Journey

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Buddhist rites

Rituals and Prayers in the Temple during the Tour

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