Religious Services offered by Devi Mandir

Need a pujas ceremony performed? Interested in getting married? Are you looking for a Hindu name for your child?

The Devi Mandir is here to serve your every need; from performing a wedding ceremony to conducting the funeral rites of a loved one our Pandits are fully trained and qualified to conduct any religious ceremony that you may desire.

Below is a listing of some of the services



Samaskaras are the Hindu rituals or rites that each individual performs during different stages of their life.

The pundits of the DEVI MANDIR are here to perform the following Samaskaras:

  • Namakarana (naming the child)
  • Niskramana (child is brought out of house)
  • Annaprashana (first feeding of food)
  • Chudakarma (first cutting of the hair)
  • Karnavedha (piercing the ears )
  • Upanayana (investiture of Sacred Thread)
  • Vivaha Samskara (marriage ceremony)
  • Antyeshti (funeral)


Pujas can be performed throughout the year for any devotee wishing to do so. If you have a Graha and are in need of spiritual Guidance, the DEVI MANDIR is more than willing to help. Below is a short list of some of the Pujas conducted by the Pandits of the Devi Mandir. For further enquiries, please click here

  • Graha Puja
  • Durga Puja, Shiva Puja,Saraswati Puja,Lakshmi puja etc.
  • Blessing of a home
  • Opening of a new business
  • Blessing of a car and MUCH, MUCH MORE!)

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