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Acharya Sachin Phagooji at Devi Mandir on 7th January 2018



Highlights from Shriman Jack Chan 75th Birthday Celebrations held at the Devi Mandir on 17th December 2017



HIghlights from Hindu Heritage Month-Hosted by Devi Mandir



Highlights from the Members Appreciation Dinner held at the Devi Mandir -2nd December 2017



Some highlights from  our Geeta Gyaan Yagna sponsored by Shriman Buddy Rampersad and Family

Lunch after Final Session on Sunday:



Indian Flag Raising Ceremony:

Devi Mandir was represented last week end at the Indian Flag raising ceremony held at the Pickering City Hall.

Thanks to all those who attended and for your participation in singing both the Canada and Indian National Anthem.

Picture below shows some of the attendees with the Mayor of Pickering:


COAT DRIVE  2017-2018

Hi All,

We do a coat drive yearly for the Toronto Breakfast club. The drive is starting again and we would like to ask you for your assistance in collecting as many coats as possible for the underprivileged  in and around the Toronto area. 

I also include members from the nearby mandirs and hope you can ask your members for their support.

Please pass on this message to as many people as you see fit and I will arrange to collect the coats. 


Bharat and Cintra Persad


Message from the Vice Chair of Devi Mandir

Namaste Everyone,

I want to thank everyone personally for all the best wishes I received as I celebrated my birthday this past month.

As I reflect upon my life, I must say that I consider myself abundantly blessed by Devi Maa. I have been given the rare opportunity to serve the Lord in two Mandirs, two of his homes, in the capacity of a leader. I must say when Vishnu Sookar and Bal Rampersad approached me last year to assist in serving at the Devi Mandir, I was a bit hesitant. After reflection of the joys that Devi Mandir brought into my life during my early years in Canada, providing a home away from home for me, when I migrated from my homeland in Trinidad, I believed that this was Maata Ji's way of providing an opportunity for me to serve her and carry out my duties and responsibilities to her, just as any child will do for her Mother.

Devi Mandir filled a void in my life that allowed me to permanently make Canada my home. Last year, being presented with the opportunity to serve Devi Maa, I looked upon it as a chance to repay a little of that debt. I was even more elated when the membership placed me second place in the Elections of Directors after knowing about my history and involvement with both Mandirs. The membership placed their faith in me to carry out the work needed to bring Devi Mandir back to the leadership position she once occupied.

Today, I am very pleased to be working with a group of dedicated directors whose main interests are the betterment of Devi Mandir. I have rekindled my faith in people. Gandhi Ji said "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the entire ocean does not become dirty."

During the past year, having the blessings of serving at both Mandirs, I have seen the miracles of the Lord. I have clearly understood that no man is greater than God, that we are merely instruments carrying out the Lord's Will. During this path, I have traversed through many thorns; however, through God's grace, I have managed to succeed at every step. Even though others have criticized me for being in a conflict of interest serving the Lord at two Mandirs, I continue to carry out the Lord's work selflessly. I continue to consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to serve the Lord in both of his homes.

As I stated during the Elections at Devi Mandir last year, no matter how many mandirs I may open, Devi Mandir will always be home for me. Similar to a child being married and leaving her parents' home - even though the child may have her own home, when her Mother needs her to serve in her maternal home, without a moment's thought, she will be there©.

Through these God-given experiences, I have become the change I want to see in this world!

May Maata Ji bless you and your Family abundantly!


Nisha Sharma - Vice Chair Devi Mandir.


 Happy Birthday:

 Happy Birthday extended to Shrimati Nisha Sharmaji- Vice Chair - from all devotees and friends of the Devi Mandir.

 May you be blessed with good health- strength -wealth -prosperity  and knowledge and keep up the good work you are doing

 at Devi Mandir.

           Jai Maata Di



Pictures from Aunty Chano's 80th Birthday Celebrations held at Devi Mandir



  • Devi Mandir's Keertan Group Mothers Day Celebrations 2017



  • Subject: Ash Scattering by the Lake at Peak Trail Open Space in Pickering:

    Use of the Ash Scattering Site – Please Clean Up after use

    The blessings of godliness are to be clean and respectful of others. Please be mindful of the environment, wildlife, ecosystems, and others using the space. Let’s all protect this legacy for future generations to inherit and enjoy.

    1.      THIS SITE IS FOR ASH SCATTERING ONLY. All other offerings are strictly prohibited.

    2.       BE RESPECTFUL to all others including children who use the lake daily for recreation. Please clean up.

    3.       As you scatter the ash, YOU MAY OFFER a few natural petals or loose flowers with no strings. These will eventually bio degrade and melt in the lake. Please clean up after use.

    4.      DO NOT dump or throw general items of prayer in the water, or leave any non-biodegradable material behind. These prohibited items include Cloth, Plastic, Foil, Strings, Artificial Flowers, Ornaments, Pictures, Personal Belongings of the deceased etc. These items must be placed in the existing garbage bin located by the bicycle path or taken back to your home.

    5.       DO NOT bury any material in the sand or discard in a careless manner in the lake as these will be washed up, tossed around and exposed within a very short period creating a big mess on the beach.

    6.      LEAVE THE AREA VERY CLEAN. In addition to dignifying the loved one whose ashes have just been peacefully scattered in a dignified way, it is unfair to all residents and users if you leave a mess behind.

    7.      REMEMBER that Ash and a few petals goes in the water. Other stuff goes in the garbage.

    Travel Directions to Peak Trail Open Space Ash Scattering by the Lake in Pickering

    1.    If coming from the West take 401 East to Brock Road exit South in Pickering

    Proceed on Brock South until you reach Bayly.

    Turn left on Bayly and go to Squirres Beach Road by the Flea Market

    Jump to point 3 for further directions

    2.    If coming from the East, take 401 West to Westney Road exit South in Ajax

    Proceed on Westney South until you reach Bayly.

    Turn right on Bayly and go to Squirres Beach Road by the Flea Market

    Jump to point 3 for further directions

    3.    South on Squirres Beach Road to the very end and make a left at McKay Road

    Mc Kay is a winding road which is partly paved and then gravel to the lake. Follow this Road to the end where there is a small place to park on your right

    Walk straight across the bicycle path past the Aum sign, down the ramp to the lake and turn right to scatter the ash where convenient, while being respectful of others.

    Please remember to leave the Ash Scattering Site Very Clean after use

        Thank you for your kind Cooperation and for respecting the use of this facility



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