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Amrita Williams

Harish Sharma


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Meet Your Trustees:

Amrita  Williams

 Amrita Williams (Amrita), Trinidadian descent, is a dedicated and experienced financial services management professional with Business Development and Strategic Investor Communications expertise. Amrita is a recognized investor communications expert that has led and participated in numerous steering and regulatory committees. Amrita has served in various senior positions at; MARKET CONNECTIONS INC, BROADRIDGE FINANCIAL SERVICES, CANADIAN DEPOSITORY FOR SECURITIES (CDS), COMPUTERSHARE, TD GREENLINE and INTERNATIONAL TRUST. Having reached the apex of her career in shareholder communications, Amrita created a consultancy services company in 2013 for Corporate Issuers, Mutual Funds and Associations. The Company name is Know Your Shareholders (www This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Amrita is knowledgeable in various aspects of annual and special meeting strategies, targeted communications and regulatory compliance. Having worked 25+ years with various stakeholders of the industry, Amrita brings to the table a unique perspective on securityholder/member communication meeting strategies. Amrita currently works closely with micro to mega-cap companies, Mutual Funds and Associations on securityholder/member annual and special meetings. As a recognized industry expert, Amrita has in-depth knowledge of:

 Hot Topics and Recent Trends
 Regulatory Landscape
 Securityholder Engagement Best Practices
 Annual and Special Meeting Strategies
 Securityholder Activism and Practical Tips on What to Do
 Vote Processing, Tabulation and Reporting Industry Practices
 Effective Securityholder Outreach Programs
 Post-Mortem Planning and Practical Tips for Next Proxy
 Investor Relations Best Practices Trend
 Service Providers – roles, products and pricing 

Harish Sharma 

 My name is Harish Sharma, originally from India. For over 17 years I have worked in the field of taxation for various government departments, administering the Federal Income Tax Act (ITA), the Corporations Tax Act (CTA) and the Excise Tax Act (ETA). I am a Chartered Public Accountant, Certified General Accountant (CGA) and I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I am also a Chartered Accounting from India. With over 17 years of experience within the Tax Revenue Divisions of various government departments, I have gained extensive experience in providing interpretative guidance on tax legislation and policy, understanding and analyzing business accounting systems, complex business transactions, financial statements and legal documents. In addition to teaching Auditing and Taxation to new recruits at work, my experience extended into the classroom of Centennial College where I currently teach Accounting.
In addition, I have been heavily involved with the Hanuman Mandir Brampton, at the beginning stage of the temple, I assisted in its establishment and have continued to provide support as a volunteer. I also volunteered at Centurions cricket for the past five years, helping the young teams win various tournaments. I resided in the Durham region for the past twenty years.


Justin Persaud



Justin, born in Canada, is a lawyer with extensive education and experience. Justin currently operates his own law practice in Markham. In addition, Justin teaches as both Seneca College and George Brown. He is focused on providing preemptive and cost efficient legal counsel. Justin has private and public experience in both Canadian and American courts and law firms. Justin has worked with clients in negotiating complex cross border transactions. He has negotiated deals between companies in Canada, United States, and India. He has also conducted complex transactions that involved international business acquisitions. Justin also has experienced in working with Not-for-Profit Organizations. Check out Justin’s website:


Chanram Persaud 

Name: Chanram Persaud a.k.a. Omkar Persaud

Born: Guyanese

Family: Married – Spouse Tejbhama Persaud a.k.a. Kamo Persaud

Children - Two daughters: Arpana and Amla

Grand Children – Five

Mother lives with me.

Five brothers and two sisters

Saroo Bhai – Shri Prakash Gossai

Hobbies Cricket and Travel

Profession: Accountant – Retired Ontario Public Servant – Internal Audit

Other: Teacher

Passion: Vedic Sanatan Dharma. Humanitarian

Community Involvement: Mahatma Gandhi Organization, Guyana

Caribbean Hindu Society, London, England

Sathya Sai Organization and many Mandirs in Canada

Assisted in audit of financial statements in the 1990s for Devi Mandir.


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